Sunday, June 9, 2013

My place? Wrong.

The apartment is the bunnies' burrow, and they just let me live with them. Here's the proof:

My BYU magazine didn't survive, but at least they left Jimmer intact. *sigh*

On other news, the bunnies have been molting like crazy. They are freakin' dandelions! *Hop* *POOF!*  *Hop* *POOF!* Jamili is much easier to pluck groom since she molts by sections... Ashy, on the other hand, molts all over on top of getting the usual tufts of hair that stick out. In addition to dried papaya I've started giving Ashy a fresh pineapple chunk a day to help with his digestion. He has had a few days of bunny indigestion which of course have freaked me out. Thankfully, a few hours after I give him some simethicone he goes back to his glutton self, but I do worry. Any tips?

Anyway, Nader and I have started taking them out once a week (usually on Sundays) to groom the lose hair away. Ashy likes the outdoors. As soon as he is plopped on the ground he begins nomming on grass. He'll continue munching away even while I run my hands through his coat to get all the hair out. Eventually he relaxes and flattens himself. It's total bunny spa for him.

*nom nom nom nom*
Jamili isn't too fond of grooming time. She doesn't mind the massaging but she doesn't really care for the outdoors. And doesn't care for grass either. On the plus side, her dislike of outside has encouraged some hoomin-bunny cuddle time. Okay... maybe that's just a plus for me, the hoomin.

"Well, mum... you're the only KNOWN thing out here so I guess you'll do for a
safety blanket since Ashy's too busy eating"


speedyrabbit said...

Out side time is such fun,xx Rachel

kellish said...

Umbra rule the roost too. She's such a prude, when I stay up to late watching star trek on netflix she rips the keys of my laptop.. but she has me pretty much close to trained. =[