Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bittersweet Days

June and July are filled with bittersweetness for me...

June 26th

Nader and I celebrated our third anniversary. This blog isn't about us, but let me just say that as nuts as this guy drives me, he is also the best thing to have happened to me.

Part of the reason I love him is that he loves the bunnies.
...Ironically, I don't think this bunny loves him as much.
Especially when she's not on the ground.
June 28th

It's been one year since our Moshi left us and he is missed every day. While it is so sad that he is no longer with us, he left us wonderful memories. (If you haven't still, check out Moshi's blog. Every now and then I share one of my favorite memories from his perspective... Sure, it may be weird but it was very therapeutic when I started soon after his passing. Now it just makes me smile).

Quintessential Moshi. Getting into trouble all the time. (No worries,
we only allowed him to eat from the bag long enough to snap a picture)

July 4th

As awesome as American independence is, last July 4th Nader and I adopted Asher Jedi Master, better known as Ashy. Jamili definitely grieved the loss of Moshi, but a week after I could tell she was lonely and probably ready for a new friend. We took her speed dating at the Utah Humane Society and she fell for the first bun we brought into the pen. Three days later they were sharing a space. Talk about bonding success! Ashy is a shy and bunny, but he has slowly grown out of his shell. We'll be celebrating his "birthday" soon.

I love this bunny, and his bunny face to death.
July 18th

Jamili's "birthday"! Since the buns' birthdays are relatively close we'll be celebrating them together. I'll be making a bowl for Ashy like I did for Moshi and Jamili last year. I know... I'm such a slacker, but the last weekends have been full of activities and I haven't had the opportunity to get my butt to Color Me Mine. Rest assured, they'll be treated to salad deliciousness to celebrate.

The Pissy Poof and me. Pissy Poof is Jamili's newest nickname.

July 13th

This year it will have been 10 years since our sweet Tiny left us. As we already established, I am a slacker and I have yet to share Tiny stories... I am a lazy blogger, but she is remembered constantly. It was thanks to Tiny that Moshi, Jamili, Ashy, and my sisters bunnies, Toki and Lagos have had bunny loving homes to adore them.

My tiny Tiny. One of the best things to have ever happened to my family and me.

So yes, a mix of happy and sad makes for bittersweet days. I hope you are all having fabulous summer! Today we are enjoying a storm after 100°F weather.


speedyrabbit said...

We all have busy times in our lives so don't worry about when you post,we just appreciate them when you do.I love Moshi's blog he reminds me so much of my last bun Thumper he was a black and white dutch and I have yet to tell his story I Have done my first bun Caramel's story and at some point I will do Thumper's.We never forget the one's we have lost and alway's miss them I know I miss both of them,but our new bunny pal's do help to heal a sore heart.There is just something about a bunny to be able to do that.SoHappy anniversary to you both and Happy Birthday to Ashey and Jamili.and Happy Memories for Tint and Moshi,hugs and snuggles from us both,xx Rachel and Speedy

brandi said...

Happy Family to you all, I say. Pissy Poof! She is a precious little poof of pissiness!